About us


The Foundation is the international competence platform for the active public and private exchange of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum technology.
The Foundation brings together representatives from science, business, politics and civil society to promote and support interdisciplinary cooperation, the advancement of science and projects and the development of applied, needs-based solutions in the exchange between science, business, politics and civil society.

Code of Conduct

All Foundation activities are characterized by an institutional culture that demonstrates science, business, politics and civil society in the global public interest while maintaining the highest standards of governance.
Moral and intellectual integrity is central to all activities. The Foundation adheres to the principles of impartiality, independence, moral and intellectual integrity. These principles are of paramount importance for safeguarding the mission, image and status of the Foundation.


The founders of the Foundation are convinced that artificial intelligence and quantum technology will revolutionize our life and work. They offer enormous advantages for business, politics and civil society. All processes in all areas (e.g. environment, health, economy) will be changed sustainably. However, the new technologies also arouse fears and ethical concerns. Accordingly, governments and companies have a duty to ensure that these technologies follow our values and laws. People must be able to assume that security and privacy are top priorities.
The challenges and opportunities of the future require a new kind of institution and collaboration – one with the adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit and trust of all involved – bringing together people who have the will and the power to drive solutions and change together.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of representatives of the founders and personalities from science, business, politics and civil society.
The Board of Trustees has the overall supervision of the activities of the Foundation and its bodies. It ensures that the purpose of the Foundation, its values and integrity are upheld.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the Foundation.
The special duties and powers are set out in the organisational regulations and/or the mandate. The members of the Executive Board sit on the Foundation’s bodies in an advisory capacity.

Foundation Advisory Board

The Foundation Advisory Board is composed of experts who advise and support the Foundation as a specialist body in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum technology.
In addition, the advisory boards can organize themselves in various national and international committees. It is led and supervised by the President of the Foundation and the Executive Board.
The members do not have to be members of the Board of Trustees or representatives of affiliated communities or organisations associated with the Foundation.


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The Foundation offers entrepreneurship in the global public interest. An international team provides exemplary services on a daily basis for the benefit of science, business and civil society.
We value highly motivated, diverse and impartial employees from the fields of science, business, consulting, NGOs and administration.
We are a community that develops activities and initiatives for a sustainable future with great commitment and ambition.
Our employees are motivated, multilingual, resilient and able to work quickly and adapt to a wide range of projects, activities and events. Above all, they share a passion for our mission. If you are interested in working for the Foundation, please click here.