The International AIQT Foundation
is the international competence platform in the fields of
artificial intelligence and quantum technology.

Artificial intelligence and quantum technology are revolutionizing our life and work. They offer enormous advantages for science, economy, politics and civil society. All processes in all areas (e.g. environment, health, economy) will be changed permanently. However, the new technologies also arouse fears and ethical concerns. Accordingly, governments, organizations and companies have a duty to ensure that these technologies follow our values and laws. People must be able to assume that security and privacy are top priorities.

The challenges and opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum technology call for a new kind of institution and cooperation – one with the adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit and the trust of all involved – uniting people who have the will and the strength to jointly drive forward solutions and changes in the spirit of civil society.

As an internationally oriented foundation with no commercial or political interests, the Foundation offers a unique international network and a centre of excellence for science, business, politics and civil society to shape national and international agendas and promote projects. The foundation acts as an independent international network and competence centre with a state-of-the-art infrastructure – International AIQT Foundation Hub – for active and application-oriented dialogue.

The future in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum technology must not be shaped by states and governments alone, because the technologies will affect all levels of society. Comprehensive participation of science, industry, politics and civil society is therefore absolutely essential. In research collaborations, the partners join forces to advance research and projects, and to find mechanisms for cooperation between science, business, politics and civil society, as well as innovation-driven start-ups and scale-ups, and to strengthen the cross-border transfer of knowledge and technology.

The Foundation’s activities (Symposium, Working & Research Groups, Summer & Winter School, Talent Hackathon, Startup Competition, Digital University, Digital Village) are characterized by an institutional culture that demonstrates science, business, politics and civil society in the global public interest while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and governance. Moral and intellectual integrity is central to all activities.